News - Flybasket World Tour Season1, started on 1st Oct. 2014
2014.05.10 18:42:49

“Flybasket World Tour Season1, started on 1st Oct. 2014"

Little hopes turned into a dream and,we step forward to achieve the dream real.
Finally, the website for the start of "Flybasket" is opened.
We would like to share our couple's new challenge stories with you.
The main contents of Flybasket are as below:

Technically, it was build with:

  • AXISJ UI Library(AXTopDownMenu, AXSlideViewer, AXGrid and ETC)
  • AXU (Application eXperience Universal) responsive application (for mobile, tablet and desktop)
  • XE(XpressEngine) based
  • Disqus comment function applied

All of the contents on Flybasket are offered both in English and in Korean.Please encourage us so that we can share what we feel and what we learn and experience with you.

Thank You.

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