News - How is the website built up?
2014.05.10 18:42:17

“Flybasket World Tour Season 1, started on 1st Oct. 2014”

It seems the grasshopper designer of Axisj is really gonna leave.

The dream of grasshopper designer, "Website for World Tour" is opened.

How is the website built up?

Flybaskt :

  • AXISJ UI Library(AXTopDownMenu, AXSlideViewer, AXGrid and ETC)
  • AXU (Application eXperience Universal) responsive application (for mobile, tablet and desktop)
  • XE(XpressEngine) based
  • Contents offered in English and Korean languages
  • Disqus comment function applied

On the day he left the office, he told me with dark circled eyes..

“The earth is round… the earth is just a village,

I will just have one lap and see you then! HaHaHaHa”

Axisj is not happy with his absence, but we support his World Cycling Trip.

Please support his trip. Thank you.

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