Farm Experience In The World
Farm Experience In The World
Every country has a its own unique farming techniques and natural vegetation.
Living in the sweat and ing in sweat, preparing elaborate meal with well grown ingredients in near farm,
happy farming diary, we will share all about it to our friends.


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  • Wwoofing
  • To be served lodging and boarding with providing labor to the farm
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  • Tasting Great Variety of Food
  • The kitchen table in the world shows a native agriculture of respective country. We will post the great variety of food.
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  • Visit food processing plant
  • Based on the job experience of Stacey, we visit food related processing plant in the world.

My parents are professional farmer

Our parents who are lived as a farmer all their life always emphasize the importance of sweat fruitage. We have been learning the worth of farm products and they are only able to be gained through combination of mother nature energy and farmer’s hard effort. We really believe the day will come someday when the young people will regard to be a farmer as the most preferred job. Jowrney & Stacey want to contribute on predating the change. Deeply thank to our parents who are farmers.